Monday, July 17, 2017


One thing you can bank on through time is CHANGE. It is forever and always.... which also is good to keep things fresh and new. Giving you perspective on how far you have come.... and goals to where you want to be. I remember wanting to just be with horses, doing something all the time showing, training, lessons, boarding and sharing my knowledge. I am at a point in my life at 47, now my energy levels dont support my goals. I have to change my perspective and find out what do I really want to do? Wanting to still do 3DE some day at a * or ** star level....would be fufulling life goal. Acquiring my realestate license this year seemed to be a natural process given my background, and utilizing other gifts and talents I have into flipping homes would be a great retirement income advantage. This year (2017) is only half over and I know that once it is ... things wont be the same again. We will look back and call these years the "good Ol' days".
Next month (AUG) Charlie will be going back to St. Andrews for his continuing education, thankfully having a job at least 9 mo out of the year. I have not kept up my end of the deal showing him at even the lowest level this summer. HOW BAD is that? THREE shows, one in JUNE, JULY & AUG! I did go to JUNE show at Heather Ridge Farm for our premier after having not ridden him for a year. He did decent, really did, he could have been awful... well actually he was when we tried to load him on the trailer..... almost kicked me in the face to days before show for our dry run lesson at the facility. My hopes of finding him a new owner this year was a complete FAIL due to my commitment to riding him consistantly.... WHY WHY WHY!!!!!

HONESTLY.... because I just dont like him .... its a JOB and playing russian roulette is not for me.
I have  good horses, ones that dont try to kill me. They just do their job and I enjoy mine, though not my choice discepline in barrel racing, still making progress in getting better is good for me.
Making hard choices to let horses go that dont work for me is tuff. I loved Willy, and after a few lessons with Amanda.... WOW, WHOA... really amazing things were going on! Then.... I fell down on my consistancy job.... WHY WHY WHY.... and he reverted to being ... .Willy. I cant ride that when I have two mares that ride similar and give me 100% every time.... Willy was a project, I wanted to make him better, but I FAILED ....  my issue with consistancy....

I have my hand on him still, connected by the riders mom who loves essential oils and we are kindred spirits in some ways ;) hoping I can still get him to where he needs to be ... and have all the love this girl says she has for him. Thank You Jesus!
Jeff will be having hip surgery in the coming month and then 6 weeks recovery and I am sure sooner than later getting back on and riding hard and fast once again. Until then, I am glad I have broad shoulders for whatever may come my way in this time frame!
The new addition, "DALLAS" the miniature pony is out for formal training, or should I say MILES, and whatever they can do with him to make him more bomb proof than he already is. Mom may be driving down in the fall and she said I could have her miniature harness and mini cart.... that needs work but willing to take it, in hopes that Dallas can be utilized until Kensley wants her pony ... he is adorable and we hope to have him for many years!

SOOOOO Forever Changes.... Always....
forever doing something new with horses....
eventing, cutting, barrel racing....
then getting a new career in Real Estate means not always having time to do horse stuff....
.... or getting a hip replacement surgery.... meaning... doing things a little different or to a lesser degree than you are used to. Realizing that your energy levels are not what they were, or your drive to do bigger and better always... is not your main focus anymore.
Just enjoy life every day! 

Monday, April 17, 2017


Spring still in the air!!!!!

I already have the whole year  planned out with a calender showing the few weekends we may be able to take off! .... which sounds kind of funny ~ but true!

NBHA shows are priority now that my honey is in his second year as Director for our district. I am the Web Admin, flyer maker, updater and points poster LOL. Here is a link to the goings on:

NO Southern Stockhorse this year as I sold my darling little Zoey back to the trainer to rehome.

We have widdled down to 5 horses and a mini.... mr DALLAS!
                                             Image may contain: horse, sky, outdoor and nature
 2 horses are currently on lease locally ~ Charlie at St. Andrews College doing very well for himself this past year and will be home by the end of the month for the summer but will return to college in the fall as they requested! YAY! (tho I may have to show him this summer just to see how his college education has has paid off!)
      Image may contain: one or more people, people riding on horses, horse, tree, sky, outdoor and nature    Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature    Image may contain: one or more people, horse and outdoor

Bo is still with Billy who is still trying to get with him. Sadly I understand, it takes alot to get with that type of horse. Some days are better than others and you just co-habit and take the good with the bad. Which is why I have begrudgingly decided to part ways with my Sweet William.
He is sweet, kind, happy horse... but he leaves sometimes... and you cant get him back :(
I will miss him, and I will pray for him daily :(
Image may contain: horse, tree, sky, outdoor and nature  Image may contain: sky, horse, outdoor and nature

video video

So you understand there has been serious progress here with Willy.... this was my first run on this runaway who had issues with a bit, and once I put a hackamore on him ... we then made that progress :)


I just cant seem to muster up the stamina to maintain his level of inconsistancy, which in turn is from my level of inconsistancy unfortunately :( I just DONT DONT DONT want to work on "IT" every day, day in and day out...  He reverts often, and when the switch goes off  he just wont, WONT come back. The jigging and head tossing... I just want to enjoy my days in the saddle. I have two "OL Faithfuls" ~ Sally and now Cassidy (jeffs hand me down mare) who both ride and work the pattern the same... I am ready to work on myself, my ability to progress and enjoy our time. TRUST me ~ there is plenty to work on with both of them, even though they are almost automatic. BUT ... your seat, your timing and rider anticipation can screw up the whole 15 sec ride if you let it!  so this year, I plan to stay out of thier way and letting them DO THEIR JOB!

Finally last year me & SALLY we getting it! ~
so if I can get even close on Cassidy .... hoooooooooooweeee that frieght train will be HONKING!



 Here is to 2017 ... may it be a year to remember ... and the building blocks to tomorrows success!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


... that could mean alot of things.... really.
... being that this BLOG was originally started to share and reflect on my trainings of my eventing steeds... and my desires to event at upper levels...  and coming back from the ROLEX all inspired to go farther and all things possible... Wasnt going to happen AT ALL after getting laid off from Kitchen Design Job in 08.
Coming to terms with losing that $76k yr income was hard. Having to let go of some horses that I loved, and facing the facts that affording horses in the northeast without a trainer or show opportunities for jumping just give up on that dream and have trail horses! ... but I couldnt just have trail horses, give lessons and have a boarding stable... unfortunately was not me.

THEN in 2011 after two hard depressing years of trying to make a marriage work ... I relented to a forced Divorce and terms of move out date Aug 30.... reluctantly, grieving and exhausted... I packed up whatever would fit in a 3H slant and headed toward KY, where my dreams would take form, I just knew it... it had to... I mean how could it not work? I could find work at a stable and be right in the midst of horse life and live the dream.... or so I thought. I cried all the way to NJ where I stayed overnight at my A. & U. while my horse slept standing in the trailer alongside my 84 FLH iron hoss.
My hay and stock tank and fencing, buckets blankets misc items... it was stuffed full and the LQ was boxes all the way to the door of everything but the kitchen sink. My dog in the front seat riding shotgun and off we went to NC to stay with a friend and enjoy trail riding with friends, some barrel shows and rodeos until heading to my secluded temporary home in western KY.

WOW... what fun NC was! I never imagined so many people doing everything with horses every weekend! WHAT! Eventing at Carolina Horse Park, Wagon and Carriage trails at the Moss Foundation, overnight camping especially for horse rides in Lumber River, Rodeos and Barrel racing everywhere.... sandy trails and great weather.... I didnt plan on leaving for a month.... and was told I could stay... I looked for work and ended up getting into Kitchen Design in an upscale design center in Southern Pines, right up my alley!

Deciding to stay and seeing where GOD was going to take me was the best decision I made... and actually it was all made for me... I just had to allow good things to happen to me ... for me... everything falls into place at the right time... if you allow it. SO SO BLESSED. I always say... I cant say what would have happened to me if I carried through with my plan in KY, who I would be or who I would be with... it would have been hard, harder... maybe wouldnt have made it without all the support I have found here in NC. ... I dont want to know how it would have worked out.... I am happy with how it has worked out. I never would have thought I would be here today... ENJOYING EVERY DAY!

I am OK.... I am LOVED... I am a BLESSING to those around me. I am THANKFUL... GREATFUL that I am doing what I love... HORSES. I have accomplished more with horses in 5 years... FIVE YEARS... than I have in having horses my whole life with the desire to do something with them. Yes I have done this and that... but the variety NOW of doing it all which is what I love the most! ... most importantly ... having someone BY YOUR SIDE to do it with you and loves horses as much as I do... is the cherry on top!

Looking forward to tomorrow every day!

                                Keeping positive and Looking UP giving Him ALL the Glory!

Friday, June 17, 2016


... life IS too short....
that is why you shouldnt fret over the small things!
If you want to HONEYMOON before the WEDDING ... JUST DO IT!
That is what we did and it was great!
We made great memories, got some great pictures and really took the time to enjoy ourselves!

it was an amazing view that I enjoyed capturing myself!

This picture is the ONLY one we actually got someone to take of us ... 



... AND .... 
it was U. Jerry and A. Beckys 50th Anniversary!
What an honor to share that special day with them and they with us! is to another blissfull 50 years! xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I wonder why I keep this blog. 
We all have FB and post pictures and the every day goings on.... BUT for us in depth soul searchers that enjoy putting pen to paper and spewing forth all the jargin that is in our brains it is more a type of artistic medium I guess.
I havent been much of a "diary keeper" but have on occassion in several perfect bound books that have caught my eye mainly becuase they were pretty or had a texture or a trinket that I thought would help me maintain a dairy at that given time. It has never worked. Nor has this blog, BUT I have kept it since 2008 when I had to do something for myself to maintain my serenity.
I have always thought about writing a book from time to time.... creating a story line and events that shape peoples lives. Now I love the Waltons. That series ran for how many years? Exactly ... and it was based on a diary of mundane day to day life in West Virginia... well there you have it. 
Lately I have been feeling I need to get back to my creative roots in some sort of artistic nature. I love so many types of work and enjoy it so much I cant figure out WHY I cant make time to do it?
When I look back and think of all the areas I have enjoyed and prospered in I feel so blessed. 
Photography, Screen Printing, Darkroom reproductions, Videography, Editing, Publishing & Printing, Kitchen Designing, Jewelry making, Mural Painting, Ceramics, Crafting, House staging, Architectual Design, Landscaping, Building & Remodeling, Cake creations, Wood burning and Retail Space Makeovers for Cabinetry Showrooms
Next up: Furniture Rehabing
Once I get my work space cleaned out and a work bench and electric in... WOW.... that is going to be fun! I have been researching how to rehab an old 68 small trailer that I would like to have as company quarters or a retail space for Gypsy Cowgirl & Co. :) ... that is a ways off... but I love that look and not being so clean cut and perfect all the time :) This is farm life!
I have kept my ideas on Pinterest.... and boy is that site going to be the death of me! I get so filled up with ideas and what to dos and want to get done projects... I have to go take a nap!
For now... this new 2016 year, its about being happy where you are. Blossoming where you are planted. Being Blessed to be that Blessing to others around you that really need it everyday!

My gifts and talents are meant to be shared with and for the people in my life :)

1 of 2 fun bathroom murals done for friends in Fort Myers Fl

First newborn images for families

earrings hand made for friend in Maine

One of several showroom remodels done for Kitchen & Bath Design
from Biddeford & Portland Maine to Southern Pines NC

Painting camper window awning to match remodeled interior with wood burned trim and made all new cusion covers and windwo treatments for family to enjoy.

created birthday cake with real antlers

rustic retail space ideas acquired from Pinterst or bedroom remodel possibly!

Always remembering each of us has gifts and talents and can contribute daily to our surroundings.
Paying it forward is another way to put it I guess. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

C' La Vi!

Here it is... brisk cool breezy morning. Life is calm cool and collected. You can let your mind run away with you on days like this by thinking "OK! I gotta get all this done today because if I dont I dont know when I will get another day like this!" .... then you get emmediately overwhelmed and feel like you just dont have the energy to do it and you may as well relax and enjoy this day... which happens to be Sunday!

With all the rain we have had lately, the leaves are filling up the yard with their friendly acorns and downed limbs which needs tending to. The grass is overgrown but wet so you cant mow it in the morning when you want to get it over and done with... and prior to getting into another project. The fencing needs to be mended in spots that nudge you EVERY day as its right at the gate and effect the connection but that can always wait. The water troughs should be cleaned as its got so many pecans, pine needles and leaves in the bottom ... but the water is clear soooo maybe not today. The stack of saddles for sale on the back porch needs to be cleaned and all the leather goods as the 2 weeks of rain has caused the growth of green mold to take over everywhere... what a task that will be... Awwww nawww ... cant think of that today. The floors in the house need sweeping and vacuum but geeeez I just did it ... so I cant be bothered ..... I mean I just did it! The dog needs a wash... and shave her hairy paws... so she doesnt bring in all that dirt... and smell like wet dog... OH... I just did that too.... so nope not today. I would really like to clean out that old barn and make it into my project work shop... is today the day for that? hmmmmmmmm ??? eeeesh.... thatsa big one... could I? Do I really want to? ......
If nothing else... Its gawwwww geous out... and I should DEFINATELY go for a ride... maybe enlist some locals to go to...

NOW that sounds like an efficient use of todays lovely weather!
Signing off
Over n Out

Sunday, September 13, 2015

REALLY? ITS OVER.... Summer is over already?

I guess what they say is true... Time does fly when you are having fun!

I have two shows left for Southern Stockhorse and still standing reserve for the year as of now in Novice on Docs Little Zoey. Its been tougher than I had thought showing on her this season. Unfortunately when you buy a Ferrari ... you still need to learn how to drive it ... smoooooth!
BUT... the upside... if you have finally got your ferrari and its parked in the garage... paid for ... you take it out when you want it... or just sit in it at home... and its still a nice new shiny Ferrari ! Even if its 13 years old... its not loosing its value.... and new to you!

The deal is... I found out after my last show when I hit the dirt, I thought because I rolled my ankle that morning stepping off my 14h mount... on a good day 14h... into a hole ... that it was that... my ankle. Then two weeks later State Finals NBHA show... oh goodie... I hit the dirt again... at barrel two. AFTER that... my spirit was shattered... and I thought seriously? WTH! I cant ride, Im too fat... Im too old... I apparently cant even stay on finished an broke horses... so I better quit before I really get hurt....  I was just really hurt emotionally. Horses are my every day ... my whole life since 4 yrs old.... but I stopped riding. I joined Golds Gym in Southern Pines and decided to get a trainer. This is where I found out the truth. The truth is ... my right side is FAR weaker then my left. Hence it was only a matter of time without physical maintenance that I would have fallen off? Well there had been signs I was ignoring, my inner thighs look totally different, while posting my right legs  swings uncontrollably, my ankle is weak for sure and started wearing lace up support which has helped.

YOU THINK YOUR all that ... but your not... its in your head that you can do this or that... but 44 and loosing more every day... it was time to make a change... and it sucks! I want to do what I want when I want and eat and or do nothing.... BUT... if I want to ride, and I want to ride hard and fast... I had to get into a routine of eating right and excercise for my new lifestyle change... or it would just get worse!

I have two more shows left in Stockhorse and 5 more in Barrel Racing and then NEXT YEAR will be a whole new year.  I have had an offer on Zoey and may end up selling her, may sell my barrel mare... CHARLIE... well I have been trying to sell him since forever... and GOD may just be keeping him here for me to suck it up buttercup and get on with it on him in eventing.... which will remain to be seen.... Red will go to his new home in the end of OCT. Greyboy found a home up the street ... and life ... little by little is being simplified... which is nice.

ONE saying sticks with me....

IF you keep holding onto yesterdays junk you wont be able to grab onto todays gifts!!!
Every day is a gift and we need to grab it and growl!